Help Envision The Folk School Future

I’m in the process of envisioning how to expand and extend the Hidden Glen Folk School of Scottish Highland Heritage to be an even more useful and powerful tool for personal and social transformation, especially with the help of my friend Tad Hargrave.

Where should the carrying stream of tradition take us next? (Dochart Falls, Killin)

What I have sensed from all working with many different participants over the last two years from all over the world is that people are not only searching for new paradigms to re-structure their values and visions, but they’re also seeking to understand the wreckage of the past so that they can avoid repeating its mistakes and help to right some of its wrongs. And they also want to find what is valuable and life-enhancing from the past so that they can (re-)claim it and sustain it. This deepening of understanding requires time, patience, and experience in a sustained manner.

The courses currently offered at Hidden Glen work in sequence roughly like this:

  • Introduction to Scottish Highland Heritage: Build a general understanding of the history and cultural context;
  • Reclaiming the Roots: Go into depth into understanding the social framework, the most important forms of cultural expression (especially literature), and the spiritual and cosmological framework.
  • Radicalizing the Roots: Understand the meaning of coloniality and its impact on Scottish Gaeldom and its ripples throughout the British Empire.

I need to add a course to build out the curriculum for participants. Which of these possible courses do you think I should create as the next offering?

Your input will help me to focus where to move things next. Please reply to this blog post or email me directly if you have more detailed suggestions!

This Saturday is Bealltainn, the beginning of the bright half of the year in Gaelic cosmology. If you watch BBC Alba, you can catch me speaking about the customs and meaning of Bealltainn this Saturday.

Let’s hope that the dark part of things is moving behind us and that there is a bright light at the end of this long tunnel that brings healing and solidarity.

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