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  • Gathering Community Around the Vision

    10 May 2021 by

    The latest Radicalizing the Roots roster is full and it’s another really interesting and diverse group of participants! It’s going on two years since I started the Hidden Glen Folk School to provide the opportunity for participants to connect to the well-springs of Scottish Highland heritage, and in particular to an understanding of indigeneity from… Read more

  • Help Envision The Folk School Future

    29 Apr 2021 by

    I’m in the process of envisioning how to expand and extend the Hidden Glen Folk School of Scottish Highland Heritage to be an even more useful and powerful tool for personal and social transformation, especially with the help of my friend Tad Hargrave. What I have sensed from all working with many different participants over… Read more

  • On Anglo-Saxons, Whiteness, and Cultural Amnesia

    22 Apr 2021 by

    There seemed to be a brief moment last week when certain Republicans in the United States were about to launch a new political brand harkening back to supposedly “Anglo-Saxon” traditions that underpin their cultural outlook and ethnic identity. The term “Anglo-Saxon” has long been used by the dominant group in British colonies to lend their… Read more

  • The Meaning of Culloden and Radicalizing the Roots Course

    15 Apr 2021 by

    First of all, I’ll be offering the course Radicalizing the Roots: Decolonizing Scottish Heritage and Deconstructing Whiteness through Gaelic Lenses again, starting on May 13th. The effects of the pandemic have restricted the amount of time I have available to teach, but I’m trying to make time to offer these courses, especially because I know… Read more

  • Reclaiming the Roots: Re-Launching in late March

    21 Feb 2021 by

    There have been surprising and remarkable developments around Gaelic in the last couple of years, some of them quite unexpected. Although Gaelic remains highly endangered in Scotland itself and in the last speech community outside of Scotland – in Nova Scotia, Canada – there have probably never before been so many adults learning the language.… Read more

  • New Book Announcement: Gaelic In Your Gob

    15 Feb 2021 by

    I’m excited to announce the release of a new book that I’ve been working on for the last year. It’s called Gaelic In Your Gob: Four Dozen English Words that Came from the Scottish Highlands. It’s a light-hearted exploration of 48 words that were borrowed into English from Scottish Gaelic, each of which is explained… Read more

  • Rest and Be Thankful – 2021 Course Announcement

    26 Nov 2020 by

    As we approach the winter solstice, the pace of life in the natural world begins to slow down and move toward hibernation. The traditional folk calendar of the northern hemisphere recognizes this reality (increasingly the farther north you go!) and allows for social gatherings focusing on reaffirming communal bonds and values, things we need to… Read more

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