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  • Reclaiming and Feeding Roots Deeper Than Whiteness

    11 Feb 2020 by

    Between the 18th and 20th centuries the élite of a handful of empires conquered most of the planet and justified their domination and exploitation with the myth that the “master races” alone were capable and worthy of wielding the reigns of power. Their superior civilization and genetic endowments – so the claim went – made… Read more

  • A Toast To the Lassies From a Highland Poetess

    25 Jan 2020 by

    I have the rare and unexpected privilege to be in Memphis this weekend to present traditional Highland literature in Scottish Gaelic to the Memphis Scottish Society during their annual Burns Nicht Gala, so as to span the Highland-Lowland divide in the representation of Scottish heritage. (See a previous article I wrote about this issue at… Read more

  • Resolve to Engage With Your Highland Roots in 2020

    26 Dec 2019 by

    The turning of the year – on the Gregorian calendar for many people, but on other calendars for others – gives us a chance to reflect on our journey, knowing that it is limited, and the changes we would like to integrate into our lives. An increasingly number of people are aware that the myth… Read more

  • The Truth of Folktales

    18 Nov 2019 by

    I’ve been engaged in aspects of Scottish Gaelic oral tradition for over two decades and have been advocating their value and importance for as long. Now that I have a young child, I read traditional stories to her in Gaelic and often wonder what impact they have on her, and how they have subtly shaped… Read more

  • School is in Session!

    26 Oct 2019 by

    Since announcing the creation of Hidden Glen Folk School some six weeks ago, I’ve been incredibly busy doing talks and performances, preparing classes, attending events, writing blogs, producing podcasts (in the Hidden Glen podcast series – FaceBook group here), networking, and arranging future events. It’s been quite fun and exciting to connect with people interested… Read more

  • Halloween and the Wisdom of Death in Gaelic Tradition

    25 Oct 2019 by

    The aspirations of modernity to enable humanity to transcend physical limitations, such as death, are not only self-deluding but dangerous. Our current environmental crisis demonstrates that the long effort by civilization to dominate and exploit nature without deference to the cyclic character of the organic world – attempting to impose a linear process of extraction,… Read more

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