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  • Sacrifice Your Family On The Altar of Money

    26 Mar 2020 by

    It’s like a parody of capitalism actually expressed out loud by the people who have benefited the most from it and are least likely to suffer its most negative effects: people should sacrifice themselves during this pandemic in order to save “The Economy.” It’s like the Biblical parable of Moloch come to life to demonstrate… Read more

  • Cultural Fragility and What Really Matters

    24 Mar 2020 by

    The Scottish Gaelic language and culture have somehow survived to the present, despite centuries of deprivation, hardship, and persecution – much of it created deliberately by anglophone adversaries. From the usurpation of the upper echelons of Scottish society in the twelfth century, to the Statutes of Iona enforcing the angloconformity of the Highland aristocracy in… Read more

  • War-Mad Celts?

    4 Mar 2020 by

    The idea that the Celts were or are inherently war-like, natural-born soldiers who love to fight, is one of the oldest and most persistent stereotypes that adhere to the present to both the Scottish Highlanders and Irish, although in slightly different forms and for different reasons. The image of Scottish Highlanders as innate brawny warriors,… Read more

  • New Course! Introduction to Scottish Highland Heritage

    24 Feb 2020 by

    There are many ways that people become captivated by the Scottish Highlands and its heritage: some people find out through DNA tests or family trees that they have Highland ancestors; some people have been dazzled by the music of the fiddle or bagpipe; some people are enamored by novels, films or television series such as… Read more

  • Drink from the Well-Springs of Scottish Highland Heritage in Spring 2020

    21 Feb 2020 by

    Another set of enthusiastic participants has completed the latest round of course offerings in the Hidden Glen Folk School – Reclaiming the Roots, for the second time, and Radicalizing the Roots, for the first time –, and it’s been a wonderfully enriching experience for everyone, including myself. Our group conversations have frequently reflected on how… Read more

  • Reclaiming and Feeding Roots Deeper Than Whiteness

    11 Feb 2020 by

    Between the 18th and 20th centuries the élite of a handful of empires conquered most of the planet and justified their domination and exploitation with the myth that the “master races” alone were capable and worthy of wielding the reigns of power. Their superior civilization and genetic endowments – so the claim went – made… Read more

  • A Toast To the Lassies From a Highland Poetess

    25 Jan 2020 by

    I have the rare and unexpected privilege to be in Memphis this weekend to present traditional Highland literature in Scottish Gaelic to the Memphis Scottish Society during their annual Burns Nicht Gala, so as to span the Highland-Lowland divide in the representation of Scottish heritage. (See a previous article I wrote about this issue at… Read more

  • Resolve to Engage With Your Highland Roots in 2020

    26 Dec 2019 by

    The turning of the year – on the Gregorian calendar for many people, but on other calendars for others – gives us a chance to reflect on our journey, knowing that it is limited, and the changes we would like to integrate into our lives. An increasingly number of people are aware that the myth… Read more

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