These four-week and six-week online courses allow you to engage deeply with materials that come from and reflect the indigenous Gaelic culture of the Scottish Highlands. Study this obscured and fascinating legacy with fellow participants under the guidance of a pioneering scholar of Scottish Studies, Dr. Michael Newton.

Details about how the courses are designed and how they work are on this webpage. There is a cap of 20 students (first in the queue) for all courses.

Register now for Radicalizing the Roots on Thursdays from 13th May through 17th June 2021 at 8:00 – 9:30 PM EST.

Introduction to
Scottish Highland Heritage

Explore the basics of Scottish Highland culture, society, and heritage during the clan era.

Reclaiming the Roots

Engage deeply with aspects of indigeneity in the Gaelic culture of the Scottish Highlands.

Radicalizing the Roots

Decolonizing Scottish heritage and deconstructing whiteness through a Gaelic lens.

Future Courses

The Stories of Scottish Highland Immigration

Learn about the Scottish Highland diaspora in North America.

Scottish Highland Music and Dance Traditions

Learn about the origins and cultural foundation of Scottish Highland music and dance traditions.

Forthcoming …

Reclaim the Highland Roots
Your Ancestors Wanted For You

Rescheduling in the case of Emergencies

If the instructor is incapable of teaching at the scheduled time due to illness, loss of internet or electricity, or family emergency, he will contact participants as quickly as possible via the FaceBook group and email. It will be assumed by default that the course will be extended an extra week (or more, in case of recurrences) on the same day of the week and time.