How The Online Courses Work

Technical Requirements

  • The Zoom platform is used for a live video connection to the instructor and other course participants during the 90-minute course session each week. You must install Zoom on your own computer.
  • A special FaceBook page will be created for the course, so you’ll need to have a FaceBook account to participate in off-line discussions.

Before The Course Begins

  • You will be emailed a coursepack (as a PDF file) which contains the course schedule, syllabus, and supplemental reading materials.
  • You will receive the link to the course’s FaceBook group on email. Make a request to join the group. Once you are in the group, introduce yourself to the participants: tell us something about yourself, what you hope to get out of the course, and what drives your interests in Scotland.
  • You will need to purchase whatever book will be used for readings in the course.

Before Each Class Session

  • Do the readings listed in the schedule in this coursepack.
  • Write posts on the FaceBook group according to the prompts for the week’s reading given in the class schedule in this coursepack. Respond to the posts of other participants in respectful dialog.

During Each Class Session

  • You will need to use a Zoom link sent to you via email for the class session to connect to the instructor and other participants.
  • The instructor begins by inviting participants to remark briefly on their reactions to the materials read for the week: What did they find most important, surprising, or interesting?
  • The instructor will offer a summary of the main points from the week’s readings.
  • Discussion prompts about the reading listed on the schedule will be discussed among participants as well as issues raised by dialog on FaceBook during the week.

Course Etiquette

  • Treat all participants with respect. Do not name-call, troll, or insult others.
  • When you debate ideas, stick to the issues themselves: do not personalize issues.
  • When you are speaking online, try to keep your contributions concise and succinct so that everyone can have a turn to share their thoughts.