Here is a few of the enthusiastic letters I’ve received from readers of my work over the years (I’ve made names semi-anonymous to maintain privacy unless I received permission to quote them).

“I am so grateful for your work. … Your work has been, is and will be a profound and foundational resource for me. I am looking forward to more. When I first read it I was stunned. Here, before me, was the book that I had thought I would need to write myself, and done so elegantly and powerfully.”

– Tad Hargrave in Canada, 2005, on The Handbook of The Scottish Gaelic World

“One of the reasons I’ve enjoyed your work is that you reveal the genuine influences of Scottish highland culture in the world, America in particular. I am fascinated with Scottish history and culture both in Scotland itself and abroad, and seek to get beneath the veneer of ‘Scottishness’ and ‘Celtic’ popularism to learn about the real thing instead.”

– Dave K in Richmond, 2006

“I wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your writing. I’ve spent a number of years learning ‘who I am’ and have not been happy with the perspectives I’ve encountered. Your work has been most powerful for me in its honesty and thoroughness. It has become a part of a fabric of my own self-realization to discard my own historical burdens and forge my own identity.”

– Dave L from Virginia, 2006

“I’m really enthused to see the Scottish Gàidhlig identity viewed through a serious cultural anthropological lens. I’m one of the leaders of a living history group in Oregon and one of my key interests is in trying to publicly distinguish between an enthusiasm for historical material culture and what defines the Gàidhlig identity across time.”

– Daniel, 2017, on research about the origins of Highland Dancing

“Over the weekend I discovered your book and immediately placed my order at Amazon. I received it in the post yesterday and read it cover-to-cover last night and this morning. … Thank you so very much for a wonderful tome, and your dedication and work to make your research available to those of us who’ve lost so much of the lore and history of our forebears!”

– Arvey McFarland in Salt Lake City, 2018, on Bho Chluaidh gu Calasraid / From the Clyde to Callander

“I am doing an ancestral lineage healing course and researching Scottish and Irish roots in both my maternal and paternal lines. Thank you for your work around indigenous ways of being historically so far your work has been very rich for me to discover.”

– Eliza in New Mexico, 2018

“I feel very much indebted to you for your scholarship and clear thinking. I came across Warriors of the Word a number of years ago and found in it answers to some existential questions that had been nagging me. Coming from a family that is very proud of its Scottish roots, but lacking any real cultural understanding of what that might mean beyond bagpipes and plaid, I appreciate deeply your important contributions to a hopeful and human perspective.”

– Shawn from Washington, 2019